Laboratory Diagnostics

When your pet is sick, you want answers as soon as possible—and so do we. Our in-house diagnostic laboratory allows us to perform common diagnostics, such as blood work, parasite screening, and urinalysis on site. That means we can often reach an accurate diagnosis in minutes, instead of days. In-house diagnostics allow us to begin treatment sooner, which can make the difference between successful treatment and a devastating outcome. If your pet requires more advanced diagnostics, we will send samples to a veterinary reference laboratory, which can typically provide results within a few days.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging allows us to look beneath the surface and see your pet’s internal structures. It is an invaluable tool in helping us diagnose a number of conditions, from intestinal foreign bodies, to urinary stones, to bone fractures. Our digital X-ray equipment provides clear, accurate images in a matter of seconds, so we can reach a diagnosis quickly and begin treatment. We also use veterinary ultrasound, which provides real-time images that allow us to evaluate organs, locate masses, perform biopsies, and confirm pregnancy.